I love that the internet is so dense, with so many competing voices, with so many people trying to crack meme-able/virus-making content that so many things get to sit here, alone. There is a constant fight for the legitimacy that comes with being laughed at or loved that can just be ignored. And I’m sure it is. By many. Many who just have a free website and post stuff with the brash abandon of those who know they will be ignored.

I really like the idea that there are wonderful things that I will never discover because I do not seek them and they do not seek me. There are islands on this web I will never swim to. I certainly won’t surf in their waters.  I don’t really like sand anyway. I’m comfortable with the internet coming to me pre-packaged, in a google/facebook bubble that never touches the sides.

Maybe it will be someone’s job one day to be the archeologists of the internet and to uncover these things but there will be too many and the islands will get to sit in the anonymity of big data, remaining insignificant and unnoticed within wider patterns of behaviour.