The Blue Fury is a comic about Janet Frame and Katherine Mansfield haunting a first year teacher.

Ghosts have love lives, right?

I didn’t think that I would ever make any more of The Blue Fury. I finished re-reading Living in the Maniototo, the novel which provides the strip with its name, so I didn’t have Frame in my head as much. But, more than that, there seemed to be a limit to how many jokes about post-modernism I could make and I wasn’t sure that the world needed two comics about Katherine Mansfield (for Sarah Laing’s click here), even if my Mansfield is really only there as a semi-recognisable foil for Janet Frame and our unnamed heroine.

Another complicating factor was that after Richard and I ended, I no longer had a tablet to colour my work. I had to have a long think about whether I was still a person who wanted/needed one, whether I would ever colour anything again. The Blue Fury, while not super-polished, is way more involved than the low-fi Otter-dogs and it’s not something I want to leave the pencils showing on. I ended up buying a tablet so that I could make a present for a friend. This removed the I-don’t-have-a-tablet excuse and just left the qualms above.

Apparently I still have a couple more jokes to make about post-modernism and, if the internet can support more cat videos than one can watch in a life-time, it can probably have multiple representations of Mansfield.