Title - Book launches. Displays a collage of drawings from book launches.


The Commercial Hotel by John Summers

Party Legend by Sam Duckor-Jones

Rangikura by Tayi Tibble

GRETA & VALDIN by Rebecca K. Reilly

How to Live With Mammals by Ash Davida Jane

Heaven No Hell by Michael DeForge

Nothing to See by Pip Adam

Where We Swim by Ingrid Horrocks

Tranquillity and Ruin Danyl Mclauchlan

Tōku Pāpā Ruby Solly


State Highway One by Sam Coley

I Am a Human Being by Jackson Nieuwland

Oscar Upperton’s New Transgender Blockbusters and Madison Hamill’s Specimen

Head Girl by Freya Daly Sadgrove and 200ft Above Worry Level by Eamonn Marra


The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox


Sport 46

Poūkahangatus by Tayi Tibble and People From the Pit Stand Up by Sam Duckor Jones

Winter Eyes by Harry Rickets