17 May 2018

AWF 2018 Festival Gala: Susie Boyt, Lisa Dwan, Gigi Fenster, Alex Ross, Damon Salesa, Tom Scott, Shashi Tharoor and Jenny Zhang tell stories on the theme “Under Cover”.


18 May 2018

The Creative Brain: David Eagleman giving a lecture on creativity and the brain.

Know Your Neighbours: Lorin Clarke in conversation with Alice Sneddon

Why I Am a Hindu: Shashi Tharoor talks about his book, Inglorious Empires: What the British Did to India

Janesville: Amy Goldstein in conversation with Toby Manhire about her book, Janesville: An American Story.

Sour Heart: Jenny Zhang in conversation with Rosabel Tan.


May 19 2018

Completely Beside Ourselves: Karen Joy Fowler in conversation with Kate De Goldi.

Too Much: Durga Chew-Bose talks with Ella Yelich O’Connor about her essay collection.

Still Lives: A.S. King in conversation with Kate De Goldi.

The Dry: Jane Harper in conversation with Kathy Hunner about her success as a crime writer.

The Big Ideas of Neal Stephenson: Neal Stephenson in conversation with David Larsen.


May 20 2018

Moustaches, Whiskers and Beards: Lucinda Hawksley uses images from London’s National Portrait Gallery to illustrate a history of facial hair.

Ode to Ursula: Karen Joy Fowler, Elizabeth Knox and David Larsen discuss Ursula Le Guin’s work and legacy.

City Streets: Xue Yiwei, Pip Adam and Dominic Hoey, chaired by Julie Hill.