When I go to a talk, I usually try to draw the person presenting. I had a bit of a hard time today because the only way I could see Toby Morris was my craning my head so that it was parallel to the ground and leaning sideways on my chair. The light was such that both Dylan and Toby had black holes for eyes that I couldn’t quite make sense of and the angle that I first started drawing Dylan from, since he was the one I could clearly see, was not one he ever returned to. And then I made the mistake of trying to draw Photoshop lightning. That’s what the spidery mess under the second Toby is. There is a reason it is called “Photoshop” lightning. But perhaps I am making excuses.

These notes are unlikely to make sense to anyone but me. They are less than linear since I decided that I didn’t want to turn the page so I proceeded to infill notes as I went. Considering this was a talk where Toby explained that learning clarity was the key to everything, my style does not much match the subject matter. But I hope it matches the fun. Fun was had.

2020 Update: I think this was the first of my live drawings that I was happy with. I used to draw the authors more.