Know Your Place: Golriz Ghahraman in conversation with Brannavan Gnanalingam about her book, Know Your Place.

Made in Wellington: Elizabeth Knox, Brannavan Gnanalingam, Pip Adam and Murdoch Stephens discuss Wellington, housing, institutions, living and writing.

Jonathan King on Adventure Writing

Diary of a Young Naturalist: Dara McAnulty talks to Paul Stanley Ward about autism and the wonder of the natural world.

Crip the Lit: Featuring Alice Mander, Charlotte Simmonds, Helen Vivienne Fletcher, Henrietta Bollinger, L.J. Ritchie, Maisie Chilton Tressler, Robyn Hund and Trish Harris.

Not That I’d Kiss a Girl: Lil O’Brien and Emily Writes discuss coming out stories, researching how to be a lesbian and memoirs.

So Real: Ashleigh Young, Eamonn Mara, Chloe Lane and David Coventry discuss writing realist fiction.

WOW: Bill Manhire and Kim Hill discuss his new book, Wow.

Show Ponies: The Return, featuring Freya Daly Sadgrove, Chris Tse, Sudha Rao, Sinead Overbye, Jackson Nieuwland, Rebecca Hawkes, Sam Duckor-Jones, Joy Holley, Tayi Tibble and Anahera Gildea. MCed by Eamonn Marra.