I’ve been re-reading Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud, which got me thinking about the choice of moment in comics. Otter-dogs tends to pack the moments in. Moment-to-moment is almost the only transition that I use.

This was fun and, in some ways, an elaborate excuse to share a couple of moments from the AWF.

Moment one: The moment where I started explaining to an officer that the reason I had been speeding was that I was late for a spoken word poetry show and let the end of the sentence quietly trail off.

Moment two: The moment where I was asked if I was the one who drew the comic about Katherine Mansfield. You know, because there is probably only one woman who knows how to draw or, perhaps, would have the gall to do it in public. I smiled and said that, “No, I am not Sarah Laing,” forgetting, in the moment, that I do actually draw a comic with Katherine Mansfield in it and this was the perfect opportunity for a spot of dopplegangery mischief.