In this comic I struggle with the relationship between stanzas and word balloons. This poem sat on the page differently before it was absorbed into the comic for critique. I’m not entirely happen with where I broke it up but that’s not something the otter-dogs can “see” as such. Is “hear” the right term? There are space constraints to this. Who would have thought?

This is not comics-as-poetry. I would have to be doing something less literal with the images. It’s not illustrated poetry, either. Maybe definitions aren’t helpful. No one was ever claiming that these weren’t comics. They are clearly comics. They are comics where I get to play with the relationship between the poem and the not-so-ideal reader.

Also, I love a toilet book. Poetry, in particular, is perfect in length so I have a pile of beautifully uniformly produced VUP poetry books in my loo, to be read in increments.