Writers on Mondays 2018

31 July 2018 – Jane Stafford and Harry Ricketts

13 August 2018 – Anna Jackson and Helen Rickerby

27 August 2018 – Tina Makereti in conversation with Lawrence Patchett

1 October 2018 – The Next Page 2, 2018: Emily Perkins introduces: Andrei Seleznev, Sinead Overbye, Tim Grgec, Charlotte Forrester, Laura Southgate, Anna Rankin, Johanna Knox, Madison Hamill, Tracey Schuyt and Rose Lu

Writers on Mondays 2019

29 August 2019 – Best New Zealand Poems 2018: Fiona Farrell (editor), Nikki-Lee Birdsey, Jenny Bornholdt, Doc Drumheller, Sam Duckor-Jones, Bernadette Hall, Anna Jackson, Therese Lloyd, Mary McCallum and Chris Tse.

2 September 2019 – The Next Page 2019: Kate Duignan introduces Caleb Harris, Ash Davida Jane, Elaine Webster, Cris Cucerzan, Rebecca Reilly, Geraldine Warren, Stacey Teague, Una Cruickshank, Mikee Sto-Domingo and Fiona Lincoln.

30 September 2019 – Elizabeth Knox and Craig Cliff

7 October 2019 – A Hostile Place: Lawrence Patchett and Carl Shuker 


30 October 2020 – The Next Page: Barbara Summer, Hannah Amante, Marita Hunt, Elizabeth Hibbs, Evana Belich, Jo Cho, Samantha Lane Murphy, Linda Martelletti, Areez Katki, Melissa Browne, Sarah Catherall, Thomas Walter and Kōtuku Titihuia Nuttall


31 March 2021 – Nina Mingya Powles in conversation with Chris Price