NZF Writers – Friday

Outside the Sarah Glidden and Mimi Pond talk I met two men who were worrying about getting in.

“Do we need a ticket?” Said one.

“I have a ticket.” Said the other. “I think you need a ticket.”

“But we’re the husbands.” Said the first, mock-plaintively. We then had a discussion about whether their accent would gain them entry. I don’t think there really was any doubt he would get in but it was adorable.

Francis Spufford had his glasses off for most of the session but put them back on for question time. I told David afterward that I had wished Spufford had kept his glasses on for drawing purposes. Apparently I have different problems from other festival goers.

Cory Doctorow and Charlie Jane Anders “speak in whole paragraphs”, to steal a phrase from Fergus (he was actually talking about Francis Spufford). There was no way for me to keep up. I could have listened to them debate the equity of science and magic, forever.

Tusiata Avia is amazing – dignified, intelligent – she speaks poetry. She spoke about the humiliation of being accused of shoplifting and the breach in the va (relational space) that still exists between her and Unity Books because of it.

Sarah Murdoch is my new hero.

I spelled many names wrong in this Salient piece, initially. But, as Toby Manhire said, “never wrong for long”.