The otter-dogs aren’t anything, yet. They are becoming something.

Sam Orchard said to me that he liked trying to work out if the otter-dogs existed independently of each other or just as a pair. He thought that, “In my mind the otter dogs are both parts of you”. And he’s right about that. They haven’t quite made it past mouth-piece-for-my-musings yet. But there is a ‘yet’. And I think that they can be both a way for me to sort out my thoughts and be a thing of their own.

I think I should privilege characterisation. Character is hard. But these strips are more about feeling than character. Perhaps that can be an aesthetic in itself. The otter-dogs are ciphers or place-holders or conduits for emotion. At least I hope they are. I hope they evoke a response that is more than what I could if I just explained my thoughts on an idea, that they become slightly more than the some of their parts by being read. But I also am not asking people to read them so I guess that question will get to remain unresolved for the moment.